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About Joseph A. Fraley, Partner

Joe graduated from Ohio Northern University and Capital University Law School in 1991 and immediately began practicing in the firm Pencheff, King, and Forman. The managing partner, Peter Pencheff, had founded the firm in 1953 solely to represent injured workers before the Industrial Commission of Ohio. After three years Joe was made partner in the firm, and expanded the areas of practice to include personal injury claims including car accidents, wrongful death, and intentional tort claims. In 2008 his firm merged with the firm of Mitchell, Allen, Catalano & Boda. In 2020 the firm changed back to Pencheff & Fraley LPA upon Bill Catalano and Dan Boda’s retirements.

Joseph A Fraley

Experienced Trial Lawyer

Joe has spent his career as a trial lawyer. He has extensive experience in Workers’ Compensation, Personal Injury, Intentional Tort, and Litigation, and has tried lawsuits in many Ohio Counties.

He is a member of the Ohio and Columbus Bar Associations.

Joe has fought for workers and injured persons’ rights for over 20 years. He lives in Granville and is married with three children. In his free time he enjoys golf and basketball.

Contact Mr. Fraley Today

Contact Mr. Fraley by email at or at his office at 614-224-4114 to arrange for a free initial consultation.

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