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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that replaces wages and medical benefits following an on-the-job injury. In exchange for receiving these benefits, the worker surrenders their right to sue the employer for any sort of negligence. Workers’ Compensation covers many different types of injuries that employees receive while on the job. This includes injuries received from machines, falls, lifting, pulling, pushing, driving, occupational diseases such as carpal tunnel, and potentially psychological disorders caused while on the job, as well as many more. Pre-existing conditions worsened by the job and damages caused by a third party also qualify. At Pencheff and Fraley LPA, we are skilled in obtaining your benefits, regardless of how you were injured. For excellent representation in Ohio workers’ compensation contact us today.


What to Do if You Injure Yourself on the Job

If you are injured on the job, you should do a few things to protect yourself. First, notify your supervisor immediately. They will likely have an incident report for you to fill out. If your injury is an emergency, then you should seek medical treatment before filling out paperwork. NOTICE, Ohio has recently changed the Statute of Limitations for workplace injuries. Next, you want to hire Pencheff and Fraley LPA to ensure your claim is properly filled out and accepted. One of the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your case is we can cut down on the amount of time it takes for your claim to be approved, allowing you to draw paychecks while you recover from your injury.

Our Goal Is to Put You in a Position to Return to Health

At Pencheff and Fraley LPA, we work hard to ensure you are taken care of following an injury. It doesn’t matter whether you have a laceration, sprain, strain, contusion, or burns. Any injury that prevents you from working can threaten your ability to provide for your family and pay bills. We ensure you do not experience loss of income during this period. We also make sure your employer holds up their end of the bargain by paying for any physical therapy you might need. Our goal is to help you get to the point where you can return to work – fully rested and recovered.

We’ve Built Our Firm on Trust