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We Provide Legal Support Following Motorcycle Accidents

Every year, there are more than eight million motorcycle accidents on the open roads, and these injuries have causes thousands of injuries and deaths. Motorcyclists do not have the built-in advantages of airbags and an enclosure surrounding them. As a result, they are exposed to the dangers of the road. When they get in accidents, they are much more likely to suffer a serious injury. Pencheff and Fraley LPA are experienced attorneys providing outstanding legal care following motorcycle accidents. You can trust our Ohio law firm.


What Causes Motorcycle Accidents

The two most common causes of motorcycle accidents are collisions with stationary objects and collisions with other vehicles. In most cases, accidents involving another passenger vehicle are the fault of the other driver. Additionally, new drivers are much more likely to cause an accident due to inexperience. Many drivers tailgate, which is especially dangerous for motorcyclists. No matter the cause of the accident, we can use police reports and witness statements to piece together what happened and win a favorable judgment on your behalf. Some of the most common accidents following motorcycle accidents include traumatic brain injuries, burns, organ damage, ligament tears, and wrongful death.

We Have Your Best Interests at Heart

We can win a judgment that takes into account various factors. Because motorcycle accidents can be violent and destructive, the injuries can be severe. Our attorneys can win compensation for lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, emotional anguish, scarring, disfigurement, pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, and wrongful death. In many cases, an insurance adjuster will offer a settlement following the accident. You should never take it because it is likely much less than you deserve. We have your best interests in mind, so you can count on our experienced attorneys to handle your case properly.

We’ve Built Our Firm on Trust