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Disability Payments in Ohio

The Social Security Administration handles Social Security and Supplemental Income disability payments. Pencheff and Fraley LPA helps individuals file their claims, a process that can be challenging and filled with potential landmines. For all Ohio residents filing for disability, it is essential to ensure you do everything you are supposed to do. We can help with that. You have two options: Social Security Disability payments, which do not begin until the sixth full month of disability, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which occurs in the first full month of your disability. We can help you determine which is best for you.

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How the Social Security Administration Approves Disability

The Social Security Administration will use a five-point process to determine whether you are eligible for payments, regardless of whether you choose social security disability or SSI. First, they will ask you whether you currently work. If you are working and your earnings exceed a certain amount, they might not approve your claim. Secondly, the administration will gauge whether your condition is severe and on the approved list of impairments. They will also ask whether you can perform the same work you did before and ask whether there is other work you can perform. Our legal team can help ensure you answer these questions correctly and help advocate on your behalf. While it is not required to hire an attorney for this process, doing so will improve your chances.

We Want You to Be Able to Heal in Comfort

We understand that it can be difficult to work when you are seriously injured with a chronic condition. And we also know how stressful it can be to have bills to pay when you cannot work. Our job is to ensure you receive your disability payments, so you can begin the healing process. Our goal is to help our clients find their way back to work at their own pace. We do so through a combination of rock-solid legal expertise and compassion.

We’ve Built Our Firm on Trust