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Millions of people are involved in personal injury accidents each year. A personal injury accident is an accident that harms a person’s emotional or physical health or reputation due to a negligent or wrongful act of another individual or a company.
There are a variety of incidents that can result in a personal injury claim. The most common instances include animal attacks or dog bites, slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, and medical malpractice.
While not all these accidents result in severe, life-changing injuries, some do. These injuries are known as catastrophic injuries. You can find out more about catastrophic injuries and what a catastrophic personal injury claim is below:
What is a Catastrophic Injury?
A catastrophic injury is an injury that is classed as severe. This type of injury is likely to have a long-term effect on your life or even reduce your life expectancy.
Examples of Catastrophic Injury
Several types of accidents, such as workplace accidents, road traffic accidents, and medical or clinical negligence, can cause catastrophic injuries. They can cause a range of injuries, including:
• Brain injuries – if a brain injury occurs, you may lose cognitive function. As well as this, it can also affect things like your emotions, speech, and your ability to move.
• Spinal cord injury – if you suffer a spinal cord injury, there’s a high possibility that you will end up partially or fully paralyzed. You may also suffer severe pain after the accident.
• Severe burns – this can result in disfigurement, amputation, infections, or disability.
• Amputations – most people who require an amputation due to a catastrophic accident suffer physical and emotional challenges.
• Fatal injuries – this is the worst-case scenario. These injuries are so severe that they cause the victim’s death.
Other examples of catastrophic injuries include things like birth injuries, clinical negligence, crush injuries, organ damage, nerve damage, chronic pain injuries, paraplegia, and quadriplegia.
What is a Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim?
If you have been involved in an accident that has caused a catastrophic injury, you are entitled to make a catastrophic personal injury claim. However, the process of making a catastrophic personal injury claim can be complex. Working alongside a personal injury solicitor is essential if you want to achieve the best outcome.
Catastrophic Personal Injury Claim: Why Lawyers Increase Your Chances of Success
You will need to hire a personal injury solicitor to increase your chances of success in a catastrophic personal injury case. They will help you build a strong case by instructing financial experts, medical experts, and other specialists to assess your injuries and their long-term effect on your life. They will then use this evidence to demonstrate the emotional and financial losses you suffered.
Each year in the U.S., there are between 300,000 and 500,000 personal injury claims. Of these cases, approximately 200,000 are classed as catastrophic. This means that a considerable number of people have to deal with long-term issues after an injury. Thankfully, these individuals have the right to claim compensation.
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