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Compared to cars, motorcycles and other motorized two-wheelers are generally cheaper to maintain, provide better mileage, and they can navigate through congested traffic a lot better than any car can. At the same time, motorcyclists are also more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions, road hazards, and serious injuries after an accident. Therefore, road safety measures, traffic rule obedience, and controlled riding are essential for motorcyclists to enjoy the benefits while minimizing any chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Understanding the Dangers

Every motorcyclist is invariably more vulnerable to serious injuries and death than someone in a car accident. That is the reason why motorcycle accidents have a higher accident to death ratio than any other type of vehicular accident. To fully understand why two-wheelers are always at a greater risk than cars on the road, let’s look at some key facts.

  • Unlike cars, motorcycles do not have a metal enclosure to protect the rider.
  • There are no seatbelts or airbags on a motorcycle to keep the rider from flying off the seat after a collision.
  • Unlike cars, motorcycles will fall over if the rider loses their balance for even just a second or two for any reason at all.
  • Applying emergency brakes while at high speed rarely tips a car over, but that’s a very common occurrence for bikers.

Avoiding Obstacles

Everything from potholes and oil slicks to people and other vehicles on the road are all obstacles that can lead to motorcycle accidents. The following suggestions by expert riders are invaluable pointers to keep in mind at all times if you wish to avoid as many of the obstacles as you can down the line.

  • Never ride at a speed that you are not comfortable with controlling in quick reaction scenarios.
  • The above is applicable even if the legal speed limit is much higher.
  • Never ride in a truck’s blind spot, especially when you are on the highway.
  • Never take on potholes, even if one seems small.
  • A DUI is just as bad a crime for a car driver as it is for motorcyclists.
  • When in proximity to a road divider, slow down in advance.
  • While riding through a crowded street, ride as slow as you need to.

Wearing Helmets

Both the rider and the pillion rider must wear helmets at all times to avoid head injuries. Brain injuries kill more motorcyclists than any other type of injury. According to the CDC, helmets have a 37% chance of preventing a rider’s death from head injuries. For pillion riders, the percentage is even higher at 41%, which also shows that passengers are at a higher risk of brain trauma after a motorcycle accident than riders.

Learning and Obeying the Traffic Laws

It is common to find motorcyclists who are ignorant of the traffic laws in their state, and eventually, that ignorance catches up with them sooner or later. Take a road safety and traffic obedience course in case you have not done so already. Never attempt to flee an officer of the law under any circumstances. The number of motorcycles that run into cars and other obstacles while trying to flee an officer is far too high. There is nothing that can be gained from such actions but there’s every chance it will make the situation much worse for you and others around you.

Despite all precautions, even the safest and the most careful motorcyclist can be victimized in a motorcycle accident. After all, we don’t hold any sway over the action of another. All it takes is one mistake for a tragedy to occur, be it due to someone’s reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, or distracted driving.

If you and/or someone you know has been hurt while riding a motorcycle, don’t hesitate to seek legal support as soon as you are able to do so. Visit this webpage for more information on motorcycle accidents and personal injury lawsuits.

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