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It’s no secret that highways attract a large number of car accidents. In some areas, the difference in proportions is quite noticeable, to the point where certain parts of the United States highway network are now considered to be extremely dangerous. Paying attention to incident reports is important for staying safe – but are there any highway stretches you should be particularly wary of? There definitely are, and here are some of the most noteworthy examples.


The I-95 is already notorious for its disproportionally large number of accidents. One particular stretch of this highway is even more dangerous than its other sections, resulting in more than 20 fatal crashes over a 20-year span in a very short section. In addition, the highway as a whole has a very high number of fatalities per 100 miles, and almost 300 total fatalities in one year alone in 2019.

The situation has gotten bad enough that I-95 is now being considered not trucker friendly, with many truck drivers actively trying to find detours due to the large number of truck accidents in the area. The fact that these accidents are often more complicated legally certainly doesn’t help. We’re not sure if any changes are being planned to the layout or structure of I-95, although various concerns have been raised about the safety of this part of the road network over the years.


The I-20, while significantly lower in terms of fatalities, is still not a safe place to be in statistical terms. Despite being a very short highway compared to some other roads running across the US, there have still been a large number of recorded incidents on that stretch of road alone. With the death toll lingering around 10-15 deaths per 100 miles, drivers are advised to exercise caution when taking longer trips on the I-20, and to pay more vigilant attention to their surroundings. The highway seems to be particularly bad for motorcyclists in some regards – considering the large number of road hazards that could potentially lead to one, that shouldn’t be surprising.

US Highway 550

The I-95 and I-20 easily take the crown of shame for the most dangerous stretches of highway in the US, but they’re far from the only ones. US Highway 550, more commonly known as the Million Dollar Highway, is a combination of various unpleasant driving conditions that make going through it extremely challenging, even for more experienced drivers.

The road is laid out in a tricky pattern due to the local geography, and the harsh weather conditions further exacerbate the problem in some seasons. Add speeding to the mix, and you’ve got a really dangerous combination. While Colorado locals are well aware of the risks associated with driving over Route 550, not everyone approaches it with that level of caution.

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